A shard of light

The bulb glowed weaker than it did yesterday. I couldn’t really understand the purpose of it, anyways. The room felt as dark as it ever was. The bulb could do nothing to lighten it. The lonely bulb was lit but the light never went out of it. The bulb felt more or less a containment for the light. As if it was trying to hold on to its final light energy. The darkness already engulfed me by the time I spend staring at the light, thinking about it. It didn’t matter though. I always did end up with the same result – waking up drenched in sweat, bed wet with it, panting, eyes going crazy looking around after waking up. My brain naturally did that. Couldn’t get it to understand the situation.

Anyways…the problem at hand, the mysterious messenger who keeps coming in my dream. I needed to find the truth, who he is and what he wants. I really don’t know why I keep referring him as the messenger. Never have I ever seen his face or even felt a bit of familiarity when I saw his dark shadowy figure in the distance. He didn’t come tonight. Tonight, was different. I was alone in the room, the only small light in front of me. I looked around the dark atmosphere. Nothing. Plain darkness and more darkness beyond. The plain I was on felt a lot different than any dark places that could exist in our universe. It felt lonelier, darker, more silent than anywhere in this world.

I could feel my blood rushing through my veins as I try to imagine the possibilities of getting stuck here forever and also probably my senses were off charts. Of course, this is a dream and anything can happen in a dream. The only problem is tonight I can feel myself dreaming, slipping away from the real world, My world, into this dark creepy room. It was barely a 10×10 foot in area with a shadow of a door in one end. I probably think its best not to venture into the dark and better stay here near the only source of light in the room. Time didn’t keep track for me. It moved or stopped, didn’t matter. I couldn’t hear my heartbeat but only the blood running through my veins. The rapid flow of the red liquid moving behind each other in a circulatory path within me. One of the only thing that reminded me that i was alive.

Over and around did I look. Only darkness. Not sure how much time have passed. Why was I even waiting for the him? Gods forbid I should stay here for long. I must wake up soon.  But then a new set of fear suddenly crept in me. I don’t know what it really was or why I suddenly felt it. Something was coming.

I noticed the door opening slowly. Maybe slower than it can ever be opened. But time didn’t flow here. So, I waited – waited for whatever was that that was on the other side. The bulb above me flickered for the first time. It barely had enough light in it to really flicker that much but a faint one it did, like something suddenly made it jump and lost hold of the light but grasped it soon enough to store it back into the containment. It made the light weak. Darkness surrounding me, eating me up from every side as the light started losing its strength. But it didn’t lose all hope. Some last-minute strength made it not go all out into the darkness. It didn’t give away to it. Just like I should be doing now. The worst part of it was that by the time I remembered the slow opening door it was too late. The door was wide open already. Something had already got in. I was too distracted by the light to notice what it was. Now I may not be able to see what’s coming. What’s already there with me in the same room. Only a few feet away, with me, in the same darkness I shared.

I noticed something on the other side. Something tall. I could feel myself frozen, even unable to utter a word. It came closer, slowly. Approaching me through the dark air. As it came closer I could see it…see through it. It was a shadow. A dark entity of a shadow in the darkness. It seemed impossible for me to believe seeing something like a shadow in the darkness. A shadow which is rose. It was never on the ground. It almost formed a figure. A human figure but whom was the question.

It didn’t matter. It was almost near him. The light has gone out and now I stood there in the pitch black with a shadow in front of me.

Have I really developed site in the dark or was this all a feeling? I could never tell, not even now. It remained a mystery, how I was able to see everything including the shadow even in the dark. It never really mattered in the end because it saved my life and that’s all I care.

It stood right in front of me, staring, not breathing. I didn’t move out of fear. After a few minutes (or hours?), I could never tell, it held up its right hand and closed my eyes. I felt nothing on my skin but I could see, not the darkness but something else. Something I didn’t understand back then. It showed me myself standing on the pavement of some road. The asphalt looked clean and new. I didn’t understand what was going on. I was seeing myself standing on the pavement looking to cross the street. I couldn’t see anything past myself. Me in the vision started walking towards the crossing line and suddenly from around the corner a couple of drag racers turned to the lane drifting with their high-speed custom cars. I stood frozen in the middle of the road and that’s the last of what the hand showed me. The dark spirit moved away from  me and the light came back on flickering the same way it went off. And it wasn’t the only change that I noticed. The darkness was calming down. I could easily breath again, sense the blood running through my veins meaning the silence came back.

In a glimpse of flash every turned to dust and vapors leaving me in a total blank space. Suddenly I woke up but this time I was cold, and felt energetic. I wasn’t panting like I usually do when I wake up but instead I got up and noticed that it was almost 6AM. So, I decided to get ready for school.

On my way out I noticed something familiar but I couldn’t remember what exactly. Something about some dark feeling. The vibe surrounding me all around yet I didn’t feel tired or sick. I went on the usual route to my school. I had to take a walk because our car was getting a repair. As I came near the crossing spot where I usually cross and get to the other lane I heard some cars revving up, accelerating somewhere and the sound was getting closer. Suddenly it all came to me. I remembered everything from the dream. This exact spot from the vision. I felt different feelings of fear & adrenaline. I decided to run back from that place run away from there and it was for the better. The two cars collided and exploded at the very spot I would have stood.

Whatever it was that warned me that night must have not had a good end.


An untidy set of issues (Part 2) : The future

Year 2607, the world changed the way you perceive it. The inventive discovery of the blour particle led the world to a fast forwarded phase. Humans evolved into much higher species. Greed, lust for power & strength made divisions among the the culture (as if there weren’t enough of that in the early 21st century). The government broke. Rebels turned against the society. Waves of destructive people one after the other. Different from each other. Groups of each. They simply kept coming. Finally when the society and government failed. A new era broke through, a new kingdom. The strongest and most powerful families rose together and played off their best to proved their worth to hold control. And one that flourished is the first dystopian Kingdom Forge161 CF-312. The rulers or should i say the blood thirsty monsters ruled since then.

The family names were changed to codes and numbers ever since the population bloomed beyond ratio by the end of 25th century. It was havoc. The ex-government declared family members to not exceed 3 in number. And above that were termed criminals. The world changed starting with that rule. But little did the society know their lives were about to change with the discovery of the blour particle.

The world had become a blood brawl. There were violence among street fight. Death. Gore. Amputation. Mutation. Even more undescribable events. Such happenings became common for them. Innocent families started living in fear. Fear of losing their loved ones by hands of the bad.

Every cloud has a silver lining. But not this one. This cloud never had any. Still people hoped. Hoped for something.

And one day the hope came true. Around the early 40’s a group of good-willed people, soldiers, formed a secret societies undergrounds and in abandoned subways. The 20th century people would call them a “communist” but they were not like any group the early people would know about. They had but one goal, to restore peace to the nation. The bring the dystopian rule down. They executed various siege and tried their best to take control of the sub stations and smaller areas. Many lost, many won, many died. There was no stop to it. The situation only got worse. A few years passed, by the end of 40’s, some ‘good Samaritan’ scientists figured out a way to break through time and space and manipulate matter. This theory couldn’t be tested without the blour particles and getting their hands on it was one hell of an objective even the bravest feared. The particle samples were under a testing labs in one of the R & D facilities and it was a heavily guarded. The theory was simply hypothetical. And they needed to test it. It was almost a time travelling theory. There were enough speculation on the theory even earlier when they received secret news from the Forge161 CF-312. And this was way before the underground society even discovered the theory.

The events that took place which got them the particle sample is an unimaginable one. A tale which I will share with you in another time…and space.

To be continued…

An untidy set of issues (Part 1) : Time locomotion.

 Hello fellow humans,

This blog may seem like one among the thousands available online. And yes, it is one. The difference is that we are gonna talk about something that is irrelevant but is gonna be a major issue in our distant future. Time travelling…travelling through time. (As if travelling through our polluted society isn’t well enough).

The reason people go behind the concept of time travelling is because of the science nature behind it and for the nerdy stuff that deals with physics and other incomprehensible words and topics. Well…that’s what made me follow the concept of time travelling. Then again, there are people who studies it and wants it to be a possible concept that works. Maybe for the society to use it just like the common science inventions we use today. They only want it for the development of the society. But then again is there a possibility for time travelling? Obviously not. The researches that goes on in the world now (related to TT) are mostly fake stories. Just like the one i cooked up a couple of sentences back (which you believed).

Then again, who are we to manipulate time when we can’t even keep up with what’s left for us. An abundant number of people around us don’t have enough time to fulfill their life’s necessities and wishes. They simply become ones with the dust before that. People find time a very obstreperous thing/object. They simply don’t understand and utilize it the way they…(we) must. Checking the time frequently, waiting for time to get over, wishing for time to move slower, repeat the past, etc., are few occurrences and examples of us not taking time seriously or even efficiently. The efficient use of time can help us with life, can let us LIVE LIFE like its supposed to be. But that doesn’t mean to keep ourselves busy with a hectic schedule so as not to waste any time. Literally anytime. This could take a good toll of their precious years and these people later end up regretting not spending enough time with other works they kept away in their ‘ pre-planned scheduled life’. So what can we do to utilize time efficiently?

NOTHING. Literally nothing that deals with time management. We need not keep tabs on the time that keeps moving but on whats happening around us and enjoy doing what we love as long as we want. Also focusing on our future self (ambition, life…) comes normally in the list. This line may seem as a contradictory to the first but that’s how life can be and is to some of them. How we live our life is what defines our later life (in the near future.)

Talking about future, about the time travelling stuff…it can be a hypothetical theory because TT can be a hectic event if someone decides to jump years backward or forward both of which can cause two very different yet similar ‘hypothetical issues’. These so called ‘hypothetical issues’ can be :

  1. Backwards : Imagine you go back in time to your past self and tell him not to time travel or not to do something that would cause an adverse effect on the future self. And the past self doesn’t do that and would not end up time travelling. And here’s the confusing part, if he doesn’t TT in the future then how will HIS past self will do what he did because a future self of him told him not to time travel. It’s totally paradoxical.
  2. Forwards : You wish to see yourself in the near/ distant future, and end up time travelling to the future. You see your future self and be so convinced you will be successful you might not do what actually you should have done which brought you success. And does this mean what you saw in the future was (will be?) an event that did not happen…won’t happen? If it won’t happen then what was that that you saw when you went forwards.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, another paradox.

All these ‘hypothetically’ speaking.

People, don’t follow these fanatics or let them manipulate you. It will be not a good idea. A fictional character once told “Most people think time is like a river that flows swift and sure in one direction. But I have seen the face of time, and I can tell you: they are wrong. Time is an ocean in a storm.” And he is right about it. Time is like a ocean in storm. The waves splashing, crashing against each other, breaking the lines, hell broke loose. It’s an indescribable course of…nature (?).

I’ll be back for more tales and information that you will probably know or not know about. But for now I’ll take my leave back to year 2657 where the dystopian kingdom Forge161 CF-317 rules. Well, that will be a tale for another day…another time. Until then…vale!